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punjabi Videos

Cheere Waaleya - Sartaaj
 {Latest full Video of Dr. Satinder Sartaaj Song Cheere Waaleya. A very nice song With Really awesome video}

Gurdas Maan Interview with Amir khan
{Must watch.  Gurdas maan is Conducting Interview of Actor Amir khan.
 See two Legends Meeting for 9:30 min.  :D}

Gurdas maan poetry
{Gurdas maan in an interview, Reciting a small Poetry}

  Ki Puchhde ho Haal fakiiraN da
 ShivKumar Batalvi is in an interview and 'singing' His famous Poem "Ki Puchhde ho Haal FakiiraN Da".
I Have first time seen Singing this Handsome Poet Who Won 'Saahitya Acadami Award' in just age of 25. And Ruled over the poetry of punjab in this little age.

Money Rain On Satinder Sartaaj
{A must watch. In a Small Religious gathering. Satinder Sartaaj Sings some couplet and Gurdas maan and Others Shower Hundreds of Notes Over him. you ll be surprised seeing Such a money rain}

Sab Maaya Hai - Ibn-e-Insha
{Attaullah Khan Sings The famous creation By Ibn-e-Insha}

Show Reel about Dr. Satinder Sartaaj
{A small Doccumentry about Dr. Satinder Sartaaj To let you know what and Who is Satinder Sartaaj.
Its in English}

UtthaN waale tur jaange
{Attaullah Khan Live Singing This Punjabi Composition}

Zikr Jab ChhiD gaya Unki AngDaai ka
{Attaullah Khan Singing Such a nice composition with some other beautiful asha'ar Added. Live}

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