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Text Files

Here, You can Find Soft copies of books of various poets.
The script(Rasm_ul_kHat) of the book is written under every book. I 've tried my best to give credits to all the creators and presenters of the books. If you like the books, please visit their sites

Just Click on  sign to download the book

Ahmed Faraz


                                    {script_hindi;  MusicMahfil}

Jaun Eliya

                                     {script_urdu; www.hallagulla.com}


                        Bajuz (Ghazaliyaat-e-y'aani)

Manchanda Baani

                  Hijr to rooh ka mausam hai

Mohsin Naqvi

                              {script_urdu; www.allurdu.com; www.hallagulla.com}


                              {script_urdu; www.urdupoetryandghazals.blogspot.in}

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