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Ghazal Videos

Ajnabi - Faraz
{A Nice 'song' By Pak singer Faraz. Beautiful composition for 'Soft' Lovers}

Awwal Awwal Ki Dosti Hai Abhi - Ahmed Faraz
{Written By Ahmed Faraz and Sung by chhaya Ganguly and Ustad Moin Khan. Probably a New Ghazal For You. A Very Nice written with awesome 'Faraz' Style}

Faiz Ahmed Faiz- The Last Mashaira
{A Superb Video For Fans Of Faiz Sahab. He is Reciting some of His poems in a Mushaira including "Nahi Nigah me Manzil" with complete video}

Ham Dekhenge - Faiz Ahmed Faiz
By Jawaid Ahmed. A Must watch, One of Most beautiful Nazms Video and  The revolutionary Words Of faiz Sahab Spreads magic. Lost into the thoughts of Revolution Woke up by Faiz Sahab, For 05:06}

  KhuNrez Karishma Naaz-o-Sitam
{Sung By Chhaya Ganguly and nicely Written. Not a video but Some good Pictures combined}

Tum Ye Kahte ho Ab Koi Chaara Nahi
{Again a Nice Nazm By faiz Ahmed Faiz on "war". Voice is given by Zia Mohyeddin.And Directed By Ali Kapadia. If You can understand the theme, its a very nice creation of Faiz sahab}

Ye Watan Tumhara Hai
{Sung By Mehdi Hassan And Reminds some old times. Though Video is not Very old. It was shot when Hassan sahab was seriously ill but he is in the movie. If you know what He is, This video can bring tears in your eyes....}

Zikr Jab ChhiD gaya Unki AngDaai ka
{Attaullah Khan Singing Such a nice composition with some other beautiful asha'ar Added. Live}

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