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Mehdi Hassan

Ustaad Mehdi Hassan, 'ShahenShah-e-Ghazal', One of The Best Singers and Ustaads in Ghazal singing.
Mehdi Hassan was a playback singer, But as he tells, He Left it Because he Thought of singing something that gives Peace to Singer as well as listener. And what else Genre can be more appropriate for this than Ghazals. So he Started Ghazals and Became 'Shahenshah-e-Ghazal'.
Here are some of His Great Works__

Ab Ke Ham Bichhre to Shayad Kabhi                                             Download

Anjuman Anjuman Shanaasayi                                                      Download

Darwaja Khula Rakho                                                                    Download

Dil Veeran Hai, Teri Yaad Hai, Tanhaayi Hai                                     Download

Ek Bas Tu hi nahi Mujhse Khafa Ho Baitha                                     Download
{Farhat Shahzaad}

 Guncha-e-Shouq Laga Hai Khilne                                                  Download

Muddat Hui Hai Yaar Ko Mehmaa.n Kiye Hue                                 Download
{With Tarannum naaz; Poet:Mirza Ghalib
Naqsh-e-Khayal Dil Se Mitaya Nahi Hanoz                                     Download       Full Post
{Josh Malihabadi}

Rang Pairahan Ka Khushbu Zulf Lahrane ka Naam                         Download
{Faiz Ahmed 'Faiz'}

Ye Moujza Bhi Mohabbat Kabhi Dikhaye Mujhe                              Download

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