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Dr. Satinder sartaaj

Poetry and Music are synonymous to Dr. Satinder Sartaaj. A very famous Poet and singer of punjabi industry in India as well as in Foreign....
Satinder Did His PHD in the field of Suufi Music. And now he is Spreading his magic of poetry, Voice and a very Unique style.......
he is really a treat to listen him.
If You like poetry and understand Punjabi.......  YOU ARE LUCKY

You ll find 3-4 lines or more in his Songs like 'Killing'..........

Aa Mil yaar pyaareya
       {Bulleh Shah}{A Touch of Bulleh Shah's Poetry.}

Bina MangeyoN salaah Nahi deni chahidi 
       {Satinder Sartaaj}

Cheere Waala Sartaaj
      {Satinder Sartaaj}{Most Beautiful song, Must Download video also Here}

Har aadmi ch hunda ik Nek insaan 
       {Satinder Sartaaj}

Koi ni Karda ajjkal Ishqe Layi QurbaaniyaN
       {Satinder Sartaaj}{Great Piece of poetry and singing}

Man Kunto Moula   (Studio Version)
      {Various}{A very Beautiful composition of Different Asha'ar, you ll surely like Couplets}

Man Kunto Moula    (Live Version)

Motia Chameli Bela Ketki   
        {Satinder Sartaaj}

Punjabi tappe By Satinder Sartaaj
        {Satinder Sartaaj}

Saai.N......... Saadi Fariyaad Tere TaaiN (Studio Version)
        {Satinder Sartaaj, Starts after 3:38, and you ll be lost till 8:37}

Saai.N     (Live version)
        {Satinder Sartaaj, Starts After 1:36}

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