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Ahmed Faraz

"Aur Tujhko Chahiye Kitni mohabbateN 'Faraz',
MaaoN ne Tere naam Par BachhoN ka Naam Rakh Diya....."

Another very Well Known poet. Ahmed Faraz is Most Beloved Poet of Recent times.
You can find his 'Two liners' anywhere in Poetry communities.
Here are some Nice Works By Ahmed Faraz_____

KarooN Na Yaad Magar Kis Tarah BhulauN use   {Gulaam Ali}

Main Sar Jhukaaye Hue, dard ko chhupaaye Hue        {Abida Parveen}
{I Think Only Starting Lines are by faraz sahab}

O Des se aane Waale Bata   {Abida Parveen}
{Ahmed Faraz and Akhtar Shirani}

Phir isi Raahguzar Par Shayad          {Gulaam Ali}

Teri BaateN hi Sunane Aaye          {NoorJahaN}

Tuu Paas Bhi ho to Dil Beqaraar Apna Hai

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