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Hamid Ali Khan

Ustaad Hamid Ali Khan Belonged to 'Patiyala Gharana'. One of the very Famous Genres of Indian Music.
This Genre Produced Great Legends of Music Like Amanat ali khan, Asad Amanat ali Khan, Nusrat Fateh ali Khan, Rahat Fateh ali khan. and all these were in relations:-)
Hamid Ali Khan, Sung Some Best Compositions based on Classical music as well as modern Music.
{He Doesn't look singing Modern But Yes, He really Fused some best Ghazals}

All of His songs (added Here) are Worth Listening.
Some of His Great Works include___

Aap ki Yaad aati Rahi Raat Bhar                  {Faiz Ahmed 'Faiz'}

Ab Kaise Paziirayi Ho AashuftaSaro.n ki

Ae Baad-e-sabaa Na ChheD Hame

Guzar Gaya Jo Zamana Use Bhula hi Do

Main ek Kaanch ka paikar wo Shakhs Patthar tha

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